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1st Partner Pokemon: Salamence. My love since Ruby.
2nd Partner Pokemon: Milotic
Why I have chosen to be a Dragon Tamer: I've been a fan of Salamence since Ruby (I still have my original Salamence, in Black!) But most importantly, I understand the extreme power of Dragon types and their importance in the Pokemon World.

I'll go ahead and answer all these.

What is your favorite Dragon Pokemon & why?
Salamence. It's been my favorite Pokemon since Ruby/Sapphire. Also, I enjoy that it's shiny form is my favorite color. Also, Dragon Rage.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Dragonite & Salamence in battle?

Advantages: The obvious sheer power of Dragon types, that can be used for many strategies including earthquake/fly or for dragon sweeps.

Same type disadvantage is the biggest disadvantage. Ice or Dragon types would have a field day. Put a tyranitar with Outrage out there and it would surely be a done deal.

Which Dragon type & Dragon family member are you most disappointed in?
the Garchomp line. Meh, never really liked em. Underrepresented and strange.

What do you think about the fact that we have a Dragon-type champion again?
Well right on! Dragons FTW.

Which Pokemon do you consider part of the Dragon relations that are not on the list? Please explain why.
That's a really hard one. Probably Lugia. It's form is consistent with dragons. Imo of course.

Are there any dragons that you would like to see appear Generation VI? Show some examples.

I always loved the idea of Rayquaza, a big flying serpent-esque creature. A gen 6 600 clubber that had Ray's form would be nice.

What is your opinion on the Dragon's Den? Should the Pokémon be a bit stronger (via way fewer Magikarps)? Should there be more Dragon Tamers to re-battle? Lance/Clair Tag Battle as well?
A dragon's based battle area would be swell. With ACTUAL challenges.

How often do you use Dragon-type Pokemon in battle?
Typically every battle.

Dragons usually have scale, rough skin. Which Dragon Pokemon do you think does NOT have a scale, rough skin?
Flygon doesn't seem that way.

EDIT: I apologize for these incomplete and somewhat inferior answers. I did this in the middle of a bunch of stuff.
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