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Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
Oh wow, brilliant! I'm glad we have another map editor for the 4th generation... but not just a map editor... but a matrix editor as well!

So I was really excited and immediately downloaded this tool and gave it a try with Pokémon Platinum.

It unpacked and then I looked into the map matrixes, I was amazed how the different map matrixes and how each one was different for indoor and cave areas. Just as I thought there was something very different about the map matrix with indoor areas and stuff. The main area where all the towns, routes and cities are situated on Matrix 0 as we know already.

But then I decided to take a look at the BMD0 model of the map data on Twinleaf Town. But when that happened, I chose Texture 0 for it's textures, and while it was loading in the Debug menu of nsbmd.exe, it crashed at where it said this:
convert matid = 8
	tex 'nsand': 16-Color [16,16] texsize = 00000080
	pal 'sandset': pixelnum = 256, repeat = 03
Obviously it doesn't seem to like loading certain textures, or maybe there's more textures in the BTX0 file than what nsbmd.exe is limited to.
I've noticed that texture0 is a debug texture set that was seen in some really early screenshots of the game from Japan. There's some textures that it's missing. You can render it in-game through some manipulation tricks, but it seems some programs don't render it properly because it's missing some.

If the source of that NSBMD program was released, it'd be awesome because we can fix that bug.
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