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    Damian approached the pokemon lab and entered through the automatic doors. "Hey doc, heal my pokemon!"

    "I'm bu-" the professor called out and held a hand up in protest.

    "Now!" Damian didn't want to seem rude, but he was in a hurry. "I don't have much time!"

    Richard sighed with frustration and then took the two pokeballs from the young man and disappeared around the corner. A couple seconds later he returned and handed them to the young lad. "Please be on your way, and you need to work on your attitude young mister!"

    "Oh yeah? Up yours too!" Oh my Arcues? What did I just say?! Before he could think, he ran out of the door and sprinted all the way to the entrance of a new route. His PD*A rang out. It was a God-like voice..."Then Damian Lewis reached Route 17." This odd voice insired happiness inside of Damian's soul..."Don't know, don't care!" He marched into the route with a smirk on his face.
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