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Grinded Echo up to level 14, decided I’ll catch a Zigzagoon for Cut, Rock Smash, and Surf(If I don’t have Crawdaunt by then)

Defeated Team Aqua grunt and got Peeko and the Devon Goods back

Caught that Zigzagoon I mentioned earlier, named her Flower because ‘HM Slave’ seemed too cruel.

Boxed Woody D: /CRY

Taught Flower Cut. Zigzagoons are more useful than I previously thought! :’D

Echo grows to level 15

Arrived at Dewford. I’m suddenly worried because right now Echo is the only Pokemon I have (Other than Flower but I’m not allowed to use her) and she’s a Normal type. But I also know that I can catch Sableye in the cave nearby, so yay for that!

Entered Granite cave, leveled Echo up to level 17, delivered letter to Steven…

Caught a Sableye! :D Named him Shady ‘cuz I can. Anyways, I’m done for this session. Bye!

Random Pokemon Challenge Sapphire
1/8 Badges
Team so far:
Echo the Whismur
Shady the Sableye
Flower the Zigzagoon (HM Slave because I'm that cruel)