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I don't like one or the other more over each other, so I will take a middle ground standpoint.

For Brock he has been there since the beginning barring Orange Islands. Cilan is new and brings something fresh. Brock antics womanizing antics I find amusing, which apparently seems like they want to retain through Alder. Whereas Cilans antics are annoying imo as I found it over exuberance to be a turn off for me as its just not what I like in characters.
Now for the characters themselves I find Cilan more interesting as he brings the dynamic of different traits such as a Detective, Fishermen, Stamp Collector, cooking fanatic. For me Brock didn't have that, but I did have admiration for his care giving big brother trait for not only his companions but pokemon they had and or encountered.

Which then goes to their characters Brock is out to be a Breeder and then a Pokemon Doctor which has been expressed several times throughout the show but I felt they could have did more with his Breeding and Doctoring which they kind of got into in Kanto. They could have had Breeding competitions or something too give more to Brock Character. Cilan is a Connoisseur, which they express through his and Burgundy sayings like Tasting time, I don't get it myself but at least he is portrayed as a Connoisseur throughout Best Wishes.

Lastly too the point of "Well Brock just got stale and was the same". Well yeah he has been around since the beginning of course his character will get old after awhile. Does anyone honestly think if Cilan had the staying power Brock does that people wouldn't be annoying with his Tasting Time stuff after four generations?

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