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Ryan held his breath, and waited as he listened to the two guys continue to go at it. The young girl continued to cry. The argument between the guys seemed to come to a temporary close,and the one of them walked over in their direction and asked the girl if someone made her cry. From the way he said it, Ryan felt sorry for anyone who made that girl cry.

<Lets hope this guy doesnt think you made her cry, or your screwed> Casper said. Surprisingly enough, the guy completely ignored Ryan. Shortly afterwards, the older girl came over towards the younger girl without giving Ryan a second glance.

<You would think someone falling off of a building in a trash can would attract some attention, Did you get magical invisibility powers? not that i am complaining. Now do you want to make friends Ryan?> Casper asked. We will see what happens, Ryan thought towards casper. The younger girl finally got up, and gravitated towards the older girl, who seemed to be her gaurdian, or something of the sort. . Ryan concentrates on untangling himself from the can. As soon as he gets off the ground and stands up, he nearly gets his head taken off by a ball of dark energy, and promptly falls on his butt.

"Ummmm....., Hello?" Ryan asked as he stood up real quickly, Trying not to look like an idiot. "Mind if i join your group? Seems your taking every one else in." He asked the older girl.

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