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    What I think about the current version of TR can be summed up on 2 words; bad idea. Admittedly, I can't blame them for trying out new stuff with characters, but this experiment of theirs is just not working out well at all. Being serious cost Jessie her bossiness, James his ridiculousness, and Meowth his cattiness. It meant there would be no more hair brained ideas, petty arguments, sneaking around derpily. Pretty much everything that made their characters was thrown out. Now lets look at the benefits. We got villains who were serious about doing evil, yet hardly showed up or put up a fight before fleeing on those jetpacks. Now imagine if they even WERE competent and the organization as a whole was a serious threat in the region. Would it all be worth it? If you ask me, they ought to fix them back up to their funny selves and forget this experiment ever happened.
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