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    Name: Blair Lowry
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Parent: Hestia
    Appearance: Blair has very dark hair, almost black but with tints of red and auburn incorporated in. She's a little smaller than most girls her age in terms of height and weight, but had plenty of fight in her to make up for it. Her eyes, at first glance, appear to be the color of smoke, but if one were to stare into them they would find hints of yellow. Her hair naturally falls into rings, down her shoulders to her back.

    Weapon: A pair of daggers, with ruby red handles. She is unaffected by the sun or any form of heat. Fire does not harm her, but rather dances for her. She can command flames to do as she wishes, and with immense concentration, sometimes she can summon fire out of the air. Her internal body temperature is always very high, and her skin always feels warm to the touch.

    History: As a small child, Blair Lowry was looked down upon by any adult other than her father. William Lowry raised his daughter the only way he knew how, with her pokemon. He had sent her to school when she was 3, hoping to subject Blair to a normal life, only to have her sent home repeatedly because of scaring the other children. The truth of the matter was that Blair had never really meant to scare them, she only spoke of her visions. From the time she could talk Blair told her father about strange sightings of monsters, and he feared for her constanty.

    By the time she turned 11, Blair understood her fathers concern and needed to find a way out. She had been diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia at the age of 9. One night, he seemed to snap, coming into her room and sitting her down, explaining the severity of their situation. He told her of her mother. Her mother who was a Goddess. Her mother who had given her her love of fire. For years Blair had been stealing matches and lighters, just to stare in awe as the flames begged for her attention, dancing effortlessly in the air around her, waiting for her command. She had shown her father a couple times, but when she did his face flushed and he looked like he would faint. She soon left the fire handling to her Arcanine, Ashe. Her father soon sent her to Camp Half Blood, and there she had been for 5 years.

    Pokemon Link Species: Arcanine
    Pokemon Link Name: Ashe
    Pokemon Gender: Female
    Personality: Ashe is a very loyal Pokemon, who would do anything for Blair. She tends to get herself into trouble by starting fights, not caring how strong the foe is. Ashe feels the need to stay at Blair's side always, and they have never been apart. Ashe is a bit bigger than others of her species, and she uses her size as a benefit to intimidate others. She's often not nice to strangers.
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