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    Alright Update:
    1.beat Falkner with a level 18 Ladian.
    2.Grabbed Egg.
    3.Headed to Azalea Town.
    4.Beat Rival with level 23 Ladian.
    5.Beat Bugsy with Level 26 Ladian.
    6.Got Cut.
    7.Headed to Goldenrod.
    8.Saved up money and got coins for sandshrew Level 10.
    9.Beat whitney with level 33 Ladian.
    10.Headed to Ecruteak city, and leveled up Snadshrew.
    11.Caught Meowth and Magnemite both level 16.
    12.Leveled up Sandshrew,Magnemite,Meowth to level 25.
    13.Beat Rival with Sandslash and Ladian.
    14.Beat Morty with level 28 Sandslash.
    15.Found the joy of payday attack.
    16.Got Surf, Grabbed a wooper for surf.
    17.Headed to Olivine.
    18.Headed to Cinwood city.
    17.Leveled up pokemon to 38.
    18.Beat Jasmine.
    19.Beat Chuck.
    20. grabbed pidgey for fly.

    Current team:
    1.Sandslash Level 38
    2.Magneton Level 38
    3.Ladian Level 38
    4.Persian Level 40

    seriously a second shiny.