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Such nice posts here guys ;;

As for me I have five partners! Well if we're talking about closest.. Then three maybe?! Firstly my Emboar, Eminem, the first Pokemon the Unovian trainer Forever ever owned! While he isn't level 100 and has a bad nature he helped her reach the E4. :3 Then there's Fighter, the Herdier - who proved to be a Fighter by attacking me and not being caught and therefore is named Fighter! My first Herdier on White is also a partner but she spends her days breeding baby Lillipup for an army. Then there's my Audino, who was my first to level 100 (I think...) and I only got it because a certain someone kept making threads related to Audino :3 Oh there's also my Zekrom, Catchrate, who was my first major legendary and I used to help me Fly and stuff!

Okay shutting up now because I wrote more than one partner and excluded Scrafty/Boldore/Sigilyph. :(

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