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    Jackie Miller

    "Good good, you all will do well," the Grovyle said in response to the cacophony of excited voices of the soldiers. Jackie was again shoved into a wall as the Pokémon around her exploded in excitement that they just could not seem to contain. All she would have done in response was sigh, but she was being squeezed too much to even be able to do that.

    "Now the mission is simple, head out and destroy the base, capture those you can and bring them in for questioning. Other than that, make sure to keep an eye out for Caedmon wherever you go, do not attack but instead bring back word of his whereabouts. Happy hunting!" the Grovyle finished as the crowd began to exit the room like a school of Magikarp escaping a fishing net. Jackie was thrown off by Maverick's requests. First he wanted Caedmon to be killed without hesitation, but he apparently changed his mind midway and wanted to be alerted of his presence without violence breaking out. Jackie thought it odd, but not an important detail to be analyzing right now. She followed the others out of the room and caught sight of the Pokémon who had also offered to go out.

    There was a Rhydon, a Scizor and an Electabuzz, and they were conversing and laughing gleefully as if they were eating out at a buffet. "So uh, where do you guys think the base is? It's not on a map so we're gonna have to do some searching!" Jackie said to them. They glanced down at her for a moment before continuing to walk along and talk. Jackie stared up at them while following closely. "Did you guys hear me?" she asked. "Yeah yeah yeah, we know what we're doing!" exclaimed the Scizor. "Just thought I'd help..." Jackie said, her voice trailing off. "I'm Jackie! It's nice to meet you." The other Pokémon didn't reply, just kept walking forward with stern looks on their faces.
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