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Originally Posted by Atomic Reactor View Post
They own the title Pokemon... Just by calling it a Pokemon title gives them power over it... Just cause you don't edit their rom directly, doesn't mean it's safe to use their stuff. He's using "Pokemon" and characters from the series... So they could tell him to stop or something. I'm sure nothing like that will happen... But he's not automatically safe just cause it's not a hack...
Lol you could say that for every Pokemon fan game out there. Yours included. Nintendo would have the same chance ad merit of closing down this game of it were to be put on DS as they would if it were to remain as a .exe. I'm not going to be selling it, thus I retain an artistic license to create work based on theirs for non-profit purposes. I'd be using no more of their content than this forum itself does, and it has been here near 10 years.

Anyway RMXP has its limits, I don't understand why that is being contested. If this works out then great, but this topic is getting way No more discussion of legality or plausibility of the game being created for DS. That's for me and the team to worry about. Thanks for the comments guys but keep discussion based on the game rather than the chance of Nintendo suing me lol. Not something I need to worry about.
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