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    Hi you all, I wrote a possible script for the dialogue with the man, explaining the whole history of the Maria region. I want your feedback of it. The dots means or the name or the legendary, or the name of the evil organization:

    Dialog: Man: ‘’wh... wh... who are you’’, ‘’Did they leave?’’ PLAYER: ‘’I think they left, but who are these people?’’ Man: ‘’The only thing that I heard is that they call themselves team ....... and that they depart to yann town where they’ll continue their evil plans’’ PLAYER: ‘’What are they and what do they do’’. MAN: ‘’They are the most evil organization in the whole Maria region and their mission is to bring the legendary pokemon called ..... back to life’’ PLAYER ‘’.....? , bringing back to life? This is all going a bit too fast for me’’ Man: “Let me tell you a story’’ ‘’A long time ago, 100ths of years before you were born, this was nothing but an island in the sea, and everyone was peaceful towards each other. When explorers found out that the mysterious pokemon of time called ..... was living in the legend mountain, what once was called the Zimrock, an evil organization sailed towards the Maria region and try to catch the legendary pokemon and get full control of the world. The legendary pokemon had put himself into an eternal sleep’’ ‘’Do you understand everything until now?’’ PLAYER has the choise to answer yes or no, no means he will tell the story again, and yes means that he has to continue’’ Man: ‘’alright, then I’ll continue’’ ‘’At the moment the evil organization entered the Maria region they began to take over cities and caves for some reasons. The rumor says that team ..... uses one of the caves to build a machine to bring the sleeping pokemon back to life, but no one ever managed to discover in what cave they operate.’’ ‘’Wait so is that why my mom is taken hostage? I knew that she was great with computers but is she the key towards creating the machine which will take ..... out of his eternal sleep?’’ ‘’So the hostage that they brought was your mom ..... I feel sorry’’ PLAYER: ‘’Hey, you could not have stopped them’’ ‘’Let’s see this as a whole new adventure. I will become a hero if I stop team .....’’ MAN: I wouldn’t underestimate them if I were you. There’s little chance of succeeding for you but I wish you all the luck on your journey’’ PLAYER: ‘’Thank you for helping me’’

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    Alright Lunacrest, your in. I'll need your Spriting expertise. Could you whip up like 5 random Trainer Sprites for the game? It would be most appreciated. I'm looking to have completely custom Trainer's in Pokemon Vira. Thanks.

    Edit: Finished Route 501...what do you guys think?
    Nice map. If you ever need help with mapping just tell me Bolens.

    I already wrote the part from getting out of the house untile finishing the first gym in yan town. Please give your feedback (and also feedback on the first part which I already post earlier)

    As you go out of the house there’s a pokemon running towards you and a guy chasing him. The pokemon stops in front of you and the guy is able to catch him. GUY: ‘’Thanks for stopping him. He tried to run away but it seems like pokemon are attracted to you in some way. My name is Roy and I’m a beginning pokemon trainer’’ PLAYER: ‘’Nice to meet you, I’m a pokemon trainer too’’ GUY: ‘’I saw you just got out of that scary mansion. I wouldn’t have enough courage to enter it’’ PLAYER: ‘’Well I didn’t have much choise.’’ GUY: ‘’Anyway, if you get in more scary and dark places then I think you could use this.’’ PLAYER obtained HM? Flash. GUY: ‘’This is used to lighten up the place you’re currently in. You can teach this move to one of your pokemon’’ PLAYER: ‘’Thanks man’’ GUY: ‘’I better get going, if I ever want to become world’s best pokemon trainer’’ Player: ‘’Good luck on your journey, I hope to see you again’’. GUY walks away and PLAYER is able to move again. Further are 4 NPCs walking around the city telling you random dialogues. The city has a pokecenter and a pokemart, 1 normal house and the mansion.
    Now you’re able to get to route 502. The route has 3 trainers again. TRAINER 1: ‘’Hey you, You’re a pokemon trainer right? Wanna battle?’’ You’ll have to face a lvl3 wurmple and a lvl4 fakemon (bug-type). TRAINER 2: ‘’Try to be faster than my pokemon, rookie’’ You’ll have to fight a lvl5 fast fakemon. TRAINER 3: ‘’My pokemon is the cutest pokemon in the world’’ You’ll have to fight a lvl5 buneary.
    After crossing route 502 you get into Yan town. The first thing that happens is that you see some team darkness grunts walking by, and as they passed PLAYER automatically follows them. They stop in front of a 3 layered building. GRUNT 1: ‘’Hey, did you hear that?’’ GRUNT 2: ‘’Heard what?’’ PLAYER hides behind a tree. GRUNT 1: ‘’Never mind” TEAM DARKNESS GRUNTS enter the building with the 2 grunts that were guarding the door. One grunt dropped something and PLAYER walks towards it and picked it up. PLAYER talks when reading: ‘’Creating machine...bringing back to life...take over world.’’ While reading Roy walks by. ROY: ‘’Oh hi......’’ PLAYER: ‘’(tells his name because Roy forgot)’’ Roy: ‘’Oh right, good to see you again. I want to show you something.’’ (waiting a while while Roy shows his badge.) PLAYER: ‘’Wow, what is it?’’ Roy: ‘’It’s a pokemon badge. The Maria region has 8 pokemon gyms. Each gym has a pokemon leader and if you beat the leader you will obtain a badge. After you beat all 8 leaders you can battle the elite four.’’ PLAYER: ‘’The elite four?’’ Roy: ‘’The elite four are 4 of the 5 best trainers in the region. After you beat them you can challenge the last trainer in the pokemon league called Zack (name can change)’’ PLAYER: ‘’That’s interesting’’ ROY: ‘’Follow me, so I’ll show you where the 1st gym is’’ Together walking to the gym. ROY: ‘’This is where I’ve got my first badge. I hope you’ve got good grass or thunder pokemon because the leader has only water pokemon.’’ PLAYER: ‘’Thanks for telling me’’ ROY: ‘’That’s it for now, I’ll hope to see you again’’ PLAYER: ‘’Bye’’. Roy walks away. PLAYER is now free to do what he/she wants either go to the pokecenter or pokemart, visit the pokegym or talk to various NPCs.