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    I was trying to re-watch the Kanto leagues a while back. Though I found some humor and a pretty nice way to present the concept of Pokemon. But then I was thinking to myself "why did I enjoy watching this as a kid," it really didn't seem all that special and as you mentioned, repeating things over and over again were what killed it for me, particularity Rocket coming almost every episode is what gets rid of my interest.

    I try different seasons but I still just can't seem to get my interest into it, but then I tried the latest seasons, Best Wishes, I have to be honest, I was rather impressed. They just got rid of everything that was getting on my nerves about Pokemon and I have no idea how they turned Rocket into such bad***es. And Cilain is just hilarious, by far one of my favorite Pokemon characters. xD So I pretty much watched everything in Best Wishes that was subbed at this point and I'm actually enjoying it.
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