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    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    Sure, and for suggesting it you can choose the first one! n.n Make sure you give a good reason though c;
    Awesome :D Well... What do you think about... Luxray? As for the reason, it depends of what you mean to be a good reason My reason would be that among the electric-type, it looks to be the one that the title "Shocking stars" suits the best So, that's a good think for the very first Pokémon of the Week, isn't it? Moreover, its colour scheme also reminds the colours scheme first page of the club. And it's a strong Pokémon, it deserves to be the Pokémon of the week. In a word, I think it's perfect to start the PoOTW system.

    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    Jolteon? Interesting, what makes you think Jolteon would get so far? It doesn't have a hugely diverse move pool, especially not for dealing with other Electric types, and it's pretty fragile... I guess it is pretty strong though and incredibly fast, it might have a good chance of avoiding the other Pokémon's attacks. If only it wasn't so defenceless against something like a Stunfisk with Ground attacks D:
    Yes, I was mainly thinking of its speed And I don't think Stunfisk would go far... I imagine it would faint before even trying to attack Jolteon. I said Jolteon would be the second one to last at the end, but anyway it was either it, either Manectric or Luxray.