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    I wasn't expecting to get 2 Exp. Shares and an early Lucky Egg. The game gets a lot easier after Elesa and I've barely had to grind at all(I've even been a few levels higher than the gym leaders).

    Right now, I'm training to fight Drayden since this is the first time I've never had an ice attack on my water pokemon(Good Lord, are the store bought TMs expensive in this game. I won't get the ones I want until after I beat the Elite Four) and I don't have Reshiram yet. I was also plan to grind for Ghetsis(I try not to get too spoiled for my games but I have read so many stories on TV Tropes about how hard that old man is with his hacked Hydreigon).

    I'm relieved because I was about to go buy an Action Replay(my old one broke), but I still don't like this new Exp. system. Still, it's not completely bad since it is great for training weaker pokemon so that they can catch up with rest of your team.

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