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    Originally Posted by Mr Cat Dog View Post
    To me, Johto felt like a unified nation, whose geographical changes felt organic and whose landscape felt kind of natural. Sinnoh - though still a fine region in comparison to Unova/Hoenn - felt a bit more like a mishmash of ideas clumped together with little-to-no thought as to how they'd look together.
    That was another thing about Sinnoh I disliked. Like you said, it didn't feel natural and lacked variety in most of their towns/cities. I was extremely disappointed that half the region wasn't covered in snow and that there should have been more ice pokemon to reflect that since one of Platinum's selling points was about about how much colder the region was. Being known as the "winter region" would have really helped it stand out on its own when compared to Kanto's "Basic region", Johto's "Modern-Fuedal region", Hoenn's "Summer-Tropical region", and Unova's "Futuristic region".

    I also hated having to back track so much(this was the only region where I really need Fly). I also forgot to mention how that other than Cyrus and Cynthia's battle music and the Legendary battle music; Sinnoh has the worst music. I had to play on mute 90% of the time.

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