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but I don't like how she's become a bitter old hag and likes to start a lot of crap at her concerts about Lady Gaga.
This. I cannot STAND this ****. Get over it, seriously. I heard at one of her concerts she was like "she's not me!" duh? I'm glad she's not, lol.

Anyway, in regards to her music, I do like Confessions on a Dance Floor. I don't care for anything else, really. Never been interested. My sister, however, worships her. If you can call it that. She's like "omg madonna" and all, however one time my aunt was talking to her about some of her 90's music and she was like "lol wut" If you're going to claim you love an artist (and believe me, she does this constantly) and call them your favorite, you should probably have listened to...every song they've put out, lol. She hadn't even heard of her 90's hits, and she only has about 6 Madonna songs on her iPod. Maybe it's not right to criticize how another knows their favorite artist, but still, with a huge discography like Madonna's, you'd expect she know more.

This is more of a rant on my sister really, but I's like the case with One Direction and Call of Duty. The fans ruin it. And when you live with the one of the self proclaimed biggest fans who isn't even half the fan I am of my favorite band, then...yeah. lol

btw isn't that line in hung up "wearing furry thongs baby fly away"? RIGHT? RIGHT!?!

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