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    I told myself I wasn't going to start anything until discussion had happened and any previous attempts came to light. I told myself that was the sensible thing to do.

    ...Which is why I've started making my own code. Yeah.

    So far I've come up with a compiler script which can read multiple PBS txt files (all txt files within the PBS\Cards folder), and compiles all the information in them. I've also created a card entity class, which is pretty pointless unless you want to make some cards 1st Edition or otherwise special (I wouldn't, and that will probably be discarded later for convenience). A card is referred to by its ID, which is the name of the txt file it appears in followed by its number (e.g. BASE42 for the card numbered 42 in the file BASE.txt); the ID is functionally identical to a Pokémon's internal name.

    Now, much of a card's information isn't currently accepted by my scripts. So far, a card's PBS information looks like this:

    We need to come up with a decent layout for this, and make sure all the information is included.

    The next thing to do will be to create a library (like $PokemonBag), a library viewer, and a way to create decks. Then we can worry about making the duel scene.

    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    I saw some adepts on the past, but I don't know any that is still active. Maybe you can reuse some code from (isn't RPG Maker related).

    Do you plan to cover which expansions? My TCG knowledge is limited, but I suggest you to use the Basic, Jungle and Fossil at first. You can find the resources from the two game boy games in and, but I suggest you to use the real card pictures.
    Some of the information on that website was useful, although I'd already thought about it myself by now.

    The project should be able to accept every kind of card, which means all existing cards can be included. The only issues then are the graphics and the effects of moves/PokéPowers/etc. While things are being invented, we'll use various cards which showcase a particular feature (e.g. Pokémon-ex cards, Stadium cards, etc.), and not be restricted to certain sets.

    What we really need now is art. Preferably designs for the duel and library/deck-builder screens. What should they look like? Card pictures are not important at the moment.

    Another question to think about is: how accurate should it be? For example, Pokémon cards used to have Pokémon Powers, but they were then split into PokéPowers and PokéBodies. Should this kit support Pokémon Powers at all, or should the older cards be reworked to make them match the most current system? Another example is whether Stadium/Supporter cards should be their own types or a subtype of Trainer cards.
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