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To create a shuffled deck

# create deck here

deck = deck.shuffle

Why create a new PB file for the cards? Why not use the PBSpecies data and manipulate the stats there, more cards can be created faster like that. Although for stadium/Supporter cards would be the only use for this as items can also be taken out of the PBItems data.

and a card's id can be made like so:

# create a base 42 character code here
id = [put all needed statistics here].pack("42 chararacter string here")
main_id = "" 

# get the main id with the XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (and so forth)
for i in
  main_id += " "
  main_id[main_id.length-1] = id[i]
  if i % 4 == 0
    main_id += "-"
I hope this helps a little bit.

I really am not a graphics designer so no help designing