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    Originally Posted by c1234321 View Post
    Hello dear Cutlerine, it is I again! I already am in love with this story. Black's character is already fun and shows he has more skill than the majority of the people in the city in which he lives within the first chapter.

    I would like to inquire about Black's pet, who I think is called Skittles? Is she just a regular bird brought to life by the same technology that brought fossil Pokemon back to life, or is she a fossil Pokemon? Either way I feel like I am really going to enjoy her presence throughout this story.
    We'll find out more about Candy in Chapter Two, but yes, she's a fossil Pokémon, and yes, she's going to be providing comic relief in the style of Monsanto in Snow.

    Originally Posted by c1234321 View Post
    The talking cat is pretty funny. I like her. She's conniving, she's cunning, she's clever, and I'm running out of adjectives that start with c! But seriously she is pretty amazing. I can not wait to see more of her!
    Good, because you'll be seeing plenty of her over the next chapters. She's my primary supporting character.

    Originally Posted by c1234321 View Post
    I have a feeling Black's family is going to be either normal in contrast to the rest of Black City or infinitely weirder. Just hunches. Actually, Im gonna say theyre just weird. Just the vibe I'm getting.

    The intense battle scenes. Holy mother of Arceus. That was crazy! I mean yes you have alluded to the violence in the Pokemon world with the riots in Sinnoh and other examples but seriously? A legitimate bloodbath? Dang. How are the people in this world alive and out of prison? And why didnt the clerk care Black was nearly impaled with a spear?? Crazy stuff but fun and interesting to read nonetheless.
    Well, the Pokémon world is just like ours - and in Pokémon Black, there's a lot of weird stuff going on. Have you talked to the people in the houses in Black City? I can totally see them doing stuff like this. In White, I think there's a little less, though saying any more will compromise my first major plot twist.

    Originally Posted by c1234321 View Post
    On a side note, nice self promotion at the bookstore, there. Speaking of which, sorry I did not comment on the ending of Time but...there was nothing I could have said after that which would not have cheapened the ending.
    Yeah, I can never resist doing that.

    Originally Posted by c1234321 View Post
    All in all, a brilliant beginning that is sure to provide a fantastically whimsical story overlaid with intensely dark moments, making for an overall amazing story. I look forward to the rest!
    Ah, good. That's my favourite kind of thing to write: whimsical, semi-realistic, and dark as that crow that broke up the battle.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope I can live up to your expectations!


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