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    Alexander Thornmarsh

    The Pikachu escaped, though Alex wasn't conscious to see it. It was a few minutes before he came round, the first thing he did was check on his condition. Upon finding that he wasn't too badly injured he got up and searched for the Pokeball he threw earlier. He found it amongst some long grass, he picked it up to get a closer look at it, it was split from top to bottom and completely unusable. Alex swore and threw the thing away.

    “Right!” Alex proclaimed, which startled Cubchoo. “It's about time we rested.” He found a suitable rock to sit on and took his pack of his shoulders. He found out a bottle of water, which wasn't hard considering how perfectly his bag was packed. Somehow he could organize his ventures with military precision yet his office and flat were always a mess. He opened the bottle and took a large swig from it. After gulping down the water he poured some into a bowl for Cubchoo to lap at. “I have to keep you in top shape, so I'm giving you as much attention as I would do my gun. For now your my only weapon.” For a second he was silent in thought.

    “Choo.” Cubchoo sighed, she was glad to be getting some rest from all the walking.

    “Your right!” Alex said, once again showing that he hadn't the faintest idea what his Pokemon was ever saying. ”We better get moving again!” He stood up and stretched before putting the water away. He looked at the water left in the bowl and then at the bottle. He didn't want to waste any water but he also wasn't going to drink the water he had given to his Cubchoo, she could have dribbled in it. There was half a bottle left, which would last them the rest of the day. He threw the rest of the bowl away and stashed it in his bag. “This way!” he said setting off through the forest guided by his natural sense of direction.

    As they walked the ground became more hilly. Small rivers trickled through the paths of least resistance going back to the stream that hey had passed earlier. The forest also began to grow denser. The trail they had been following had been lost long ago, before they met the Pikachu. Though Alex was guided by the sun, it was morning and they were headed north so long as they kept the sun on their left they were heading in the right direction.

    “Hey there!” A young woman's voice came form near by. “Your lost too!” Alex turned to see a woman of around twenty approaching him. She was rather attractive, with shoulder length blonde hair, green eyes and a fair completion. Still she was almost young enough to be Alex daughter, not that he knew he had any.

    “I'm not lost.” Alex said but the woman ignored him.

    “Oh your a trainer too!” She exclaimed as she noticed Cubchoo and knelt down to stroke her.

    “I'm not a trainer!” Alex replied. “I'm an archaeologist!”

    “Aren't you cute!” She said pinching Cubchoo's cheek and making her glow bright pink. “What's your name then?” She asked in her babyish voice that was really starting to grate on Alex. She patted Cubchoo on the head and began to stroke her.

    “She is called Cubchoo!” Alex stated with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

    “If your getting annoyed at me with could always have a battle.” She said teasingly.

    “Like I said I'm not a trainer!” Alex shouted putting his hands on his hips an a gesture of diffidence.

    “What's up! Chicken? Come on, it'll be fun!” As much as she goaded him Alex wasn't going to give in.

    “I said. I don't want a battle!”

    “You never know you might eat me and win some money!” Then she picked up Cubchoo. “What do you say! Want to give it a go!” She asked the Pokemon.

    “Cub! Cub!” Cubchoo agreed. Alex walked over and grabbed his Pokemon.

    “ I don't know what your agreeing with her for we've got money to win!” He turned back to his opponent. “Could I have a moment?”

    “Be my guest.” The woman said. Alex drew his Pokedex from his bag and began to look up the rules for a Pokemon battle. “The name's Lori, by the way!” She called to him as she put her stuff down and began loosing up.

    “Alex!” He shouted back, too busy reading to say anything else. After a few more minutes he stopped and stood up.

    “I'm ready!” He said, giving Cubchoo a gentle nudge with his boot. His Pokemon ran forwards in anticipation of his opponent's Pokemon.

    “Go! Katherine!” The woman cried and a female Glameow appeared before her. Alex drew his Pokedex up so he could size up Lori's Pokemon. The match up was quite fair. As Alex put the Pokedex down it scanned Cubchoo and he picked up on something interesting. Cubchoo had learnt a new move, maybe he should give it a try.

    “Cubchoo! Growl!” Alex ordered his Pokemon.

    “Fake out!” Lori ordered her Pokemon at the same time. Katherine moved first attacking Cubchoo and making her flinch.

    “Try again!” Alex shouted scowling at Lori.

    “Choo!” Cubchoo let loose a cute growling sound. Which Alex was rather unimpressed at.

    “What was that!” He asked rhetorically, though in his yelling the vocalization was lost. Cubchoo just shrugged.

    “Kat! Scratch!” The Glameow let loose a slash of one of it's claws raking it across Cubchoo's fur.

    “Counter! With Powder Snow!” Alex yelled. Cubchoo blew flakes of snow back at Kat. They melted on her soft fur coat but a shiver ran down the Pokemon's spine.

    “Another Scratch!” Kat scratched Cubchoo again, the attack hurt Cubchoo quite badly.

    “Cubchoo! Get here!” Alex shouted to his Pokemon, it was a little miffed as to why but complied anyway. From his bag Alex produced a potion, in fact the only potion in his bag and used it on Cubchoo.

    “Hey! That's cheating!” Lori shouted at him.

    “It's not! Besides I don't think the rules count here anyway.” He replied guesting to the forests al around him. Lori was about to throw a retort at him but he took the initiative and ordered Cubchoo to attack. “Use Powder Snow!” Cubchoo released another breath of snow at the Glameow.

    “Scratch!” Yet another scratch attack was launched at Cubchoo, this is getting repetitive Alex said to himself.

    “Keep attacking with Powder Snow!” Cubchoo released another wave of snow at the Glameow but something odd happened. Ice began to surround Kat's body, she was being frozen.

    “That's enough!” Lori shouted rushing forwards to shield her Pokemon. “You win!” She said returning her Pokemon.

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