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Originally Posted by Pokemon_Geek View Post
That was another thing about Sinnoh I disliked. Like you said, it didn't feel natural and lacked variety in most of their towns/cities. I was extremely disappointed that half the region wasn't covered in snow and that there should have been more ice pokemon to reflect that since one of Platinum's selling points was about about how much colder the region was. Being known as the "winter region" would have really helped it stand out on its own when compared to Kanto's "Basic region", Johto's "Modern-Fuedal region", Hoenn's "Summer-Tropical region", and Unova's "Futuristic region".

I also hated having to back track so much(this was the only region where I really need Fly). I also forgot to mention how that other than Cyrus and Cynthia's battle music and the Legendary battle music; Sinnoh has the worst music. I had to play on mute 90% of the time.
I can see the pattern now, and now that you mention it, it really would have been nice if Sinnoh was a bit more colder to follow your predicted theme. And if I can recall directly the protagonists do in fact have gear/clothes suitable for chilly climates. So perhaps Sinnoh was based around having a cold climate, but maybe it just wasn't incorporated enough throughout the regions design to exemplify this?

Originally Posted by Rambagos View Post
Wel, what were exactly question we talking about in this thread? Is it the route, location, Map, or its Pokèmon? I love Johto because it maps and location was so natural. But for its Pokèmon..... as you can see, Johto's Pokèmon are get inspired from pre-evolved Kanto's Pokèmon like Pikachu, Clefairy and Jigglpuff. Meanwhile, for Sinnoh.... I will say this Pokèmon's region are amazingly strong and cool. No wonder Me and others member have their favorite Pokèmon mostly in generation IV :3
The discussions around comparing the two regions generally. All up which did you prefer? Why?, etc.
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