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Fiona Cole

Swear to god, this was one of the most awkward assortment of trainers, herself included, Fiona had ever seen. You had one Surge dresser fellow, a relatively big kid, a chubster, a little girl and of course Fiona's ridiculous self. There was definitely a slight bit of awkward just floating around in the atmosphere, the thought causing her to chuckle.

She snapped out of her laugh, and then unexpected to her, Ms. Coal spoke. Wait a second, wasn't there suppose to be another trainer? Fiona looked around, only spotting the same four that were there a minute ago. She decided to forget about it, if whoever was suppose to be here was late, they'd get here eventually.

Fiona's mind drifted off, so when Ambella pulled out a Pokedex from a nearby bag, her eyes lit up with a surprise. She had heard about these things before, they were pretty well known and were seldom given out. Were they each getting one? She had her eyes fixed on the dex the entire time, thinking of ways of how to customize her's, if she was even going to get one. Was it even possible to customize a pokedex? Suddenly, Ambella outstretched hand was upon her, holding out a pokedex of her own. A huge grin crept on her face as she gladly took it. Instantly Fiona began to examine it, flipping it over and back and whatnot. She thought about playing with it, but that would've been rude, Ms. Cole was still speaking after all. Wait a second, these things can send emails!?

"You might have heard the rumors about the gym leaders." The mention of the gym leaders sparked her attention once more. Indeed she had, who hadn't? They were all on some sort of out of the blue power trip or something of the sort. For a moment, Fiona looked up, noticing a girl coming into view. She was a bit shorter than her, her hair, more like her bangs, were purple, the rest of it was black. Piercings covered a decent portion of her face. Fiona grinned, most people frowned at the sight of piercings, but she thought it was pretty cool, pretty goddamn cool. She liked this girl already, and she hadn't even spoke to her, she didn't even know her name!

Ms. Coal had finally finished her informative speech, and Fiona began to recount what she had just heard. Her, their "mission" as they were told, was to scour the base of the volcano, in search of wild pokemon inhabiting the area. Data of said pokemon would then be recorded into her pokedex for further research. After they had their share of exploring, they were to board a ferry that would apparently take them to the Seafoam Islands, before transporting them to Fuchsia City. Fuchsia City... Her hometown. The thought of her visiting it enticed her, how much had it changed? Or had it changed at all? She had no real childhood friends, in fact she doubted she'd remember anyone or vice-versa. Guess it really wasn't that interesting, just another bump in the road. She tucked the tickets in her satchel.

With next to nothing going on, Fiona decided it was time to head off and get to work. Besides, she wasn't too crazy about getting to know the others, at least not now anyways. Well, maybe the piercing chick, but she didn't seem too crazy about getting to know anybody either. Feeling a bit of badassery coming upon herself, she grabbed her aviators and swung them on in one fluid motion. The green tint from her shades would've impaired her vision if she wasn't so adjusted to them. Fortunately enough, the volcano was close by.

Fiona found herself standing ten feet away from the volcano, she peered up to look at the massive rock formation, it towered over her in an intimidating fashion. She almost feared another eruption, but she was pretty excited about the chance to finally get out and catch some pokemon. The worry was soon cast aside. Looking about, Fiona found a manageable hill, leading up to the slopes of the volcano. Jogging over, she carefully made her way up it. Boy, she could've definitely used some sneakers at the moment. It was tough climbing up a hill in moccasins. Finally she made her way to flat, even land. Dirt covered the majority of her ankles giving her an odd sensation throughout her legs.

The land was far from beautiful, it's rough rocky terrain was in contrast to the lush jungle area surrounding it. Perhaps she'd pay a visit to it after her business here was down. Fiona walked and walked, no pokemon in sight, she thought there was one a second ago but it just turned out to be a strange rock formation. Gosh was she pissed when she found out she'd been duped, by a rock of all things! In her little outburst, Fiona had managed to trip over another rock and dislodge her left shoe. It was like these things were out to get her! Right before she hit the ground face first, she able to break her fall with her hands and knees, scraping up her knees with several scratches.

"Dammit... You would think rocks weren't so cunningly violent." There was a tint of annoyance residing in her face. That subsided as soon as she felt air brushing against the sole of her foot. She did some sort of half laugh, half pissed combination, "Yeah... no, I seriously need to get a pair of sneakers."

Realizing her moccasin had fallen off, Fiona proceeded to stand up and as she got up to one knee, a definite noise could be heard sneaking up behind her. She had no idea what it was, it was in no way familiar to her. All she knew was that it was there, it might've been the wind, but she wasn't taking the chance. With the right hand supporting herself, her left hand slowly made its way towards the strap of her satchel. Her fingers climbed up the attachment, latching onto Doduo's pokeball.