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Area: Route One, South-West Kanto
>>..The Beginning, of the End..<<

Story| The dark room was lined with shifting shadows, a symphony of synchronized malice. In the middle of the room stood a swiveling chair, facing a giant TV screen. A man sat in the chair, grey suit and slicked back hair only visible, while the shadows hid the rest of his face. A lazy, well fed Liepard lay at his feet, purring contentedly….sinister in its limber movement and glowing eyes. The man's suit had an >insignia< on the chest of his suit , the insignia of the Blitz Gang, a money hungry, power hungry organization that used pokemon to achieve their goals. Evil wasn’t what they called themselves. Adamant and eccentric might have been more adequate adjectives for their public profile. But that was beside the point.

The man looked up at the screen slowly, and it fizzed with static. A few seconds later, the image of his top Executives, Jane and Luther, appeared. The backdrop of vast farm fields dotted with Miltank and Tuaros, dictated they were somewhere near Pallet. “Hello you two. Report?” The boss’s voice was low.

“Yes Sir.” Jane saluted. “Company A113, under our direction, failed to intercept the children. Lance Blackthorn of the Elite Four tangled our plans and we had to retreat.”

”Highly disappointing. This might even tarnish your impeccable records…”

”Indeed sir.” Luther’s silky voice was respectful. “However, during our operations in Route One we observed something quite interesting…”

“It seems Experiment 107 is after the kids as well.” Jane smirked a little, then crushed it as she saw her boss sit up in his chair, clearly surprised by this information.

“………………..” The boss was silent. He sunk back in his chair and the Liepard stood up, laying its head in its master’s lap, meowing dully. The man stroked its purple head slowly, and then nodded. “Alright you two, it is decided. While I have mourned the loss of 107, we must recapture him. Doubting the things he could do on his own is folly,” Luther and Jane both nodded, knowing fully well what the experiment was capable of… “If it has taken interest in the children, then what Scientist Bostovich wrote is confirmed. Watch them. I am positive Hypno is more than capable of tracking them psychically….Make sure you're presence isn’t known to them, or it.”

”Yes.” The two team rocket executives nodded again.

“Our next operation will be in Viridian Forest. Tsuka has informed me the children will be heading to Pewter first…Meet her there, she’ll give you more information on my next orders. Make sure to track the children through Route One. You are dismissed.” He pushed a button on his chair. The screen went blank. He began to chuckle chillingly, then looked down at Liepard and grinned. “Perhaps he is after the same thing I am….”


Wild Pokémon|


Rattata #019
Level 2-5

Ability: Run Away/Guts
lvl 1: Tackle
lvl 1: Tail Whip
lvl4: Quick Attack

Pidgey #016
Level 4-6
Ability: Keen Eye/ Tangled Feet
lvl 1: Tackle
lvl 5: Sand Attack

Mareep #179
Level 3-6

Ability: Static
lvl 1: Tackle
lvl 1: Growl
lvl 4: Thunder Wave

Sentret #161
Level 2-5

Ability: Run Away/Keen Eye
lvl 1: Scratch
lvl 1: Foresight
lvl 4: Defense Curl

Poochyena #261
Level 3-6

Ability: Run Away/Quick Feet
lvl 1: Tackle
lvl 5: Howl

Hoppip #187
Level 3-5
Ability: Chlorophyll/Leaf Guard
lvl 1: Splash
lvl 4: Synthesis

Lillipup #506
Level 5

Ability: Vital Spirit/Pick Up
lvl 1: Leer
lvl 1: Tackle
lvl 5: Odor Sleuth

Mission| Capture, or battle, your first Pokemon on Route One.

YOU MUST encounter one Pokemon.
YOU MUST encounter a strange shadowy figure.
YOU CAN'T reach Viridian City
YOU CAN interact with other players
YOU CAN write multiple posts
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