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Originally Posted by Harpalyce View Post
The theory on Animal Crossing has nothing on that animated gif with the true(?) story of one woman's mother playing the game, dying, and the child coming back to play the game to find all the presents she had sent.

A lot of cartoons exist on oversimplification. When you're a kid, this oversimplification doesn't really bother you. But the older you get, the more you become aware of the oversimplifications - and you become aware of the fact that the world doesn't work as smoothly. And you probably get a little cynical, too.

I rather like all of the conspiracy theories. Yeah, they're over the top. But they're amusingly over the top.
I hadnt heard of that animal crossing one, but I had heard of the animal crossing one that was like about a concentration camp. That was a good story.

Also that majora's mask creepypasta was good, too.
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