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Ok WildWntr, you get:
2.Lopunny, or Purugly

Update on my game.
1.Got drowzee, leveled to 38 and evolved
2.Beat Red gyradose.
3.Beat team Rocket hideout
4.Beat Price.
5.Got through Ice path.
6.Beat Clair.
7.Got master ball.
8.headed to elite 4.
9.Beat Rival.
10. 1st Elite 4 battle made it to lance(lost)No potions or revives used in any battles.
11. Leveled up, bought 20hyper potions, and 20 revives.
12.Beat Elite 4.(All pokemon over 43)
13.headed to Kanto.
14.Got power plant working.
15.Got Kanto radio pass.
16.Beat Brock
17.Beat Misty.
18.Beat Lt.Surge
19.Beat Erica.
20.Beat Sabrina.
21.Beat Janine.
22.Beat Blain.
23.Beat Blue(gary).
24.Beat Elite 4 2nd time, No potions or revives used in any battles(Pokemon all over level 55).
25.Raising for battle with Red.

Current team:
1.Magnetion Level 56
2.Hypno Level 56
3.Persian level 57
4. Wiggleytuff level 52
5.ladian level 56
6.sandslash level 56.