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    I got a topic. Hope it hasn't already been said.

    Create your own gym leader.

    Try to include

    Gym layout
    And anything else I didn't add.

    Name: Becki
    Type: Electric
    Pokemon: Voltorb level 28 Electrode Level 30 Jolteon level 33 She is the 4th gym leader of the region.
    Badge: Speed badge. It is a motorbike.
    Appearance: Becki is a teenage girl about 17-18 with long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She wears a black and yellow bike riding suit, black boots and yellow gloves.
    Gym Layout: When you first walk into the gym there are 3 motorbikes you can choose from. Pick the fastest bike to go straight to the gym leader. Pick the wrong bikes and you must face a trainer. The gym look all futuristic and so do the motorbikes.
    A little bit about Becki: Becki was in a family with 6 brothers. Her brothers loved riding motorbikes so Becki had to go with them to ride motorbikes. She tried riding a motorbike one day, she loved it so much that she wanted to go ride bikes everyday. When Becki was 16 she wanted to become a gym leader. So when she became a gym leader not long after, she decided to decorate the gym with motorbikes since she loves them so much. Becki looks like a girly girl but acts like a tomboy.

    Hope you like it.