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1) The Pokémon Rescue Team has a huge role!
What is the Pokémon Rescue Team Ash and his friends meet in the mountains?

2) March, Team Eevee!
The group runs into Virgil of the Pokémon Rescue Team. With an Eevee and its evolutions, he works as part of a rescue team.
(Caption 1: Ash and his friends decide to follow Virgil after he's dispatched.)
(Caption 2: He begins a rescue operation at a dam engulfed in ice.)

An apprentice? Eevee does its best too!
Apart from the seven evolutions, there is also an Eevee. It might be unevolved, but it works hard by combining its power with that of its comrades!
(Caption 1: It stops Crygonal's attacks with "Protect".)
(Caption 2: It powers up Flareon's "Flamethrower" with "Helping Hand")

Airdate: November 15th

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