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My DRATINI (Dragonite) is my partner in Black.
He's perfect for me.
I love my DRATINI.

We like to hang out at the Casteliacone cart, waiting for the line to die down (and being disappointed when it doesn't.)

We like to take on Morimoto, just the two of us. He's easy.

We also like taking on Cynthia alone, too. Also fun.
My Pokemon Black Party.

DRATINI / Dragonite
ESPEON / Espeon
Flareon / Flareon
Jolteon / Jolteon
Porygon-Z / Porygon-Z
Weavile / Weavile

All of my Pokemon
Note: I used my own webspace to host the Pokemon Summaries.
There's no service for this unfortunately.
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