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I can only remember bits and pieces of my dream from last night, but I do remember that I ended up winning the lottery, which was $17 million. I gave $3 million of that to my dad so he could buy a nice house and a new car, and I hired him some people to mow the lawns, do gardening, etc. I knew that I didn't want to spend all that much on myself, so I bought myself a one bedroom rancher, with a fairly big backyard. The only thing I remember buying for the house itself was a 90" TV which had to be brought in through the front window. Then I can't remember what else happened in between, but by the end of the dream I was at work after negotiating that I only had to work once a week, since I didn't need the money.

Kind of an interesting dream, and is almost exactly what I expect would happen if I were in that situation in real life (except I might decide to go to school part-time rather than stay at work).

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