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Originally Posted by GermanPokefan View Post
Hello.I'm intressted at the following
GCEA Totodile
GCEA Cyndaquil
Pokepark Celebi
Italy ESTEU09 Regigas

So I can give you a GCEA Delibird at the 4th Gen,a VGC10 Eevee at the 4th Gen,and a SMR Keldeo too.But I need yours at the 4th Gen.So I hope we come in buisness.Thank you.
I'm only interested in your GCEA Delibird and german SMR Keldeo
Originally Posted by Orrun View Post
Hey would you be interested in the following?

JPN Kyushu Bullet TrainExtremeSpeed Pikachu UT (shiny)
Pokemon Center Fukuoka Groudon UT (non-shiny)
Pokemon Center Fukuoka Kyogre UT (shiny)

And yes I have checked them and Pokecheck confirms they are legal.
I already have those, sorry
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