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    Originally Posted by PikaPiii View Post
    Do you think ash will ever catch and keep a legendary pokemon in the anime ? I really hope he does and I already have an idea of a pokemon that would fit in his party...its Cobalion, or perhaps Deoxys I can't remember when was the last time I've seen Ash with a psychic pokemon.
    No, it goes against the whole principle of the Pokémon anime with having a n00b who almost never wins a Pokémon League tournament and who forgets everything he learnt (and some Pokémon he has already seen) whenever a new arc starts. And mostly it would require skill.

    The Pokémon Adventures manga (aka Pokémon Special, PokéSpe and PokéSupe) is way better than the anime.
    In Pokémon Adventures they sometimes catch legendaries.
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    If you are a fan of the Pokémon Adventures manga you're going to love it.
    If you haven't read the Pokémon Adventures manga, you should try it and you're probably going to love the video anyway.
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