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I wrote the part inside the 1st gym. Tell me what ou think of it

You’ll have to battle 2 trainers and the boss. TRAINER 1: ‘’Before you battle (name gym leader) you’ll have to prove you’re worth it.’’ Trainer 1 has a lvl 6 fakemon (water-type) and a lvl 6 wooper. TRAINER 2: ‘’I’ll teach you a lesson’’ Trainer 2 has a lvl 8 shellder. BOSS: ‘’Welcome to the Yan City gym. My name is Todd and I’m your first struggle on your way to succession. You won’t win this game for sure’’ Boss has a lvl 8 fakemon (the same as trainer 1) a lvl 10 Wooper and a lvl 11 Shellder. After you beat him. Boss: ‘’No that’s impossible. How can a starter trainer like you beat me. Well I think you deserved this. PLAYER obtained the bubble badge. I have something special for you too. PLAYER obtained TM3 Water Pulse. Boss: ‘’Water pulse is a strong water driven attack which can be learned by almost every water-typed pokemon. It releases a pulse of water with an enormous force and does directly damage to your opponent. When used the opponent pokemon may be confused.’’