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Kanto: Well definitely not Lavender Town, that's for sure. Uhh, I guess I'd say Cerulean. It's not one of the bigger cities, however it's not one of the smaller towns either. It's got quite the nature around it, the way to Vermillion is not that far, so taking the ferry to Johto or Sevii Isles would be a lot easier (even though in the Pokemon world everyone uses Fly anyway).

Johto: Olivine! A nice harbour town, with quick access to the ferry if I want to travel anywhere. It seems like a nice and quiet place, not too crowded. It'd be beautiful looking out at the sea with the light tower shining bright, and not far away there's a Miltank farm, which means lots of Moo Moo milk.

Hoenn: To be honest, I don't really like many of the places here, as most of them are surrounded by water :( So yeah, I guess the city I'd like to live in the most here would be Mauville. I'm not quite sure why, but I've always really liked the place, and Wattson is probably one of my favourite gym leaders from Hoenn. And with that, I'd be able to see the progress of New Mauville ;)

Sinnoh: I'm gonna jump away from all the small, peaceful towns and say Jubilife here. I don't know why I feel that way, but it just feels like a lot of stuff is happening there compared to the rest of Sinnoh. It may be because of the Jubilife TV station being there, but either way, this is just one of the regions where I'd like to live in one of the bigger cities. Another one would be Sunyshore, just because of all the technology there, and Volkner is pretty cool :P


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