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Ambella finally realized that Deandra was there, and gave her a friendly smile as she handed over a pokédex to that girl as well.

"I didn't see you there! My bad, probably. Did you catch the first part of what I said?"

Assuming that Deandra didn't, Ambella then went on to repeat much of what she had said about the general situation, climate and fauna of Kanto to the other trainers just now. Maybe she was even a bit more detailed this time around, not at all realizing how much she might bore the trainer. When she was done, she wished Deandra good luck and urged her to scout the land around Cinnabar before fetching the ferry. Then she went back inside the lab, saying she had to run some tests, which probably meant that she was going to sit down with a big, nice cup of coffee for a while.

a wild pokémon appears!

From behind some rocks, a pokémon leaped forward, growling. It was a Growlithe who had decided that the human girl and her pokémon were trespassing on its pack's territory and wanted to chase them off. Preferably by intimidating them enough that they would be too scared to fight. It growled as menacingly as it could.

- You may handle this encounter in any way and with any length post that you want.
- See area or mission post for details on wild pokémon.
- You may decide the gender of the pokémon.

Cinnabar Island

Auryn took her pokédex with big eyes and open mouth. It was like a dream coming true... Her very own pocket computer! Sort of. She instantly started fiddling with it, forgetting Remoraid inside the pokéball for a while, even though he was literally bouncing around there in his urgency of getting out and starting their mission.

As people started to drift away and go out to seek pokémon in the jungle or at the volcano, Auryn finally noticed the bumping pokéball in her pocket and realized that she'd better get going too. She looked up to greet Deandra, but noticed that Ambella Coal was talking to her seriously, so she just smiled and waved with the pokédex, as to signal that they should chat via the machine some time, and then she turned to go exploring.

When she was out of sight from the other trainers, she thought she had been teasing Remoraid for long enough.

"Come out, then!" she said playfully and tossed the pokéball into the air. It sprung open in mid-air and fell down back to her hand empty as the pokémon emerged and landed on on the black ground. He eagerly bounced up and down, as usual not really missing being in water. He wasn't like a fish on dry land. But still, he did prefer that Auryn carried him around.

She picked him up and started looking around as they walked into the edge of the jungle.

"I wonder if there are any fire types in here," she wondered out loud. Remoraid didn't respond. He usually didn't. "Wouldn't they, like, burn up the area if they entered and accidentally spat out a flame? Lucky thing we're here then! You could put it out, right, Remo?"

Now, Remoraid actually glared up towards his trainer.

"Oh, you don't like that nickname? See... I heard that other trainers, I mean real trainers, usually nickname their pokémon. And actually people with pets, real pets, nickname them too. So it only makes sense that I should nickname you. Remo? Raid?"

Remoraid seemed to taste the names, as Auryn put him on top of a big log as she climbed over it. Tiny girl in big jungle is hard sometimes.

Suddenly, they heard a strange noise. As if someone was pulling up roots from the ground behind some bushes in front of them. Remoraid and Auryn exchanged looks and within a second, the fish was back under the girl's arm, being carried like a big gun.

"It's a wild..."

((OOC: Yes, I will make dice rolls for my own pokémon encounters as well, even if I perhaps won't split up my posts all the time. It's a fair game!

NOTE: If you don't like the pokémon you encountered, you can write about escaping from it and then finding a new one, hoping to get a better one next time. If you do this too many times in a row in the same area though, I might not let the dices be all fair after a while ;p ))

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