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Well, I've been thinking about a couple of ideas for clubs... one, is a cooking club; basically, we talk about how we got into cooking, what are our favourite things to cook/bake/grill...whatever, and maybe share recipes. Of course, you don't have to be a 'gifted' or 'experienced' chef or anything like that; you can just basically 'like to cook' and it'll be okay.

Another, well, I've read some of the past posts on this thread, and I saw that a 'post your problems' club has been suggested - I too, see that could turn into a general help club, really. I mean, 'Dear Anonymous' could be used to speak your mind to or about someone, and this club could be, say, you sign up as a member who posts general problems, and at the same time, help out others.

Ah... and the general topic questions? Maybe, 'what would you say or do' sort of topics in that regard?

...Well, I'm bouncing ideas here. @__@

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