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    Hikari Natsumi Densetsu

    Hikari got confused at that very moment. Even her beloved brother Masashi, came over to tell the little girl, Kitsuko, that it would be better to stay at her place. Then Hikari noticed the comments Icarus was making about her, which made her extremely blush. "Aw, you don't have to be shy if you're in love with that powderpuff Hikari! Nothing to be embarrassed about." yup, her sister Adeline obviously thought it would be funny to embaress Icarus, and not only that, she called her powderpuff... which was dangerous...

    "HOW are you calling me...?" Hikari walked over to the witch as she had the same cold look she normally showed enemies. '(Hikari calm down!)' Hinata-Miu tried to stop her human link from shouting at her sister. Hikari tried to stay calm, luckily Adeline and Kitsuko left short after this incident, back to Devine Water.

    'i-i'm sorry for my sister...' Hikari apologized to Icarus as she bowed to show her respect. 'as for Masashi...' Hikari turned to her brother, her face slowly changed to a happy smile and she nodded to him. 'thanks...' she said and patted Hinata's soft fur. 'how about we go back to the palace?' Hikari asked her older brother and turned back to Icarus. 't-thank you for helping out a little while ago... will i meet you in the forests?' Hikari asked him shyly, she suddenly remembered how he complimented her forward Adeline, who like always, didn't care whatever anyone said. Though, these were sweet words and made her blush return.