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Game Freak has added plenty of evos and pre-evos to already existing pokemon. Sometimes we say yeah! that pokemon needed an evo, but sometimes we are like WTF?(LickiLicki) So what are some pokemon that aren't necessarily talked about getting an evo that might could use one.

For me I would like to see Xatu get an evoultion. Its stats are right in the middle where an evo could be added without stats being outrageous and it would be really cool. I have always liked Xatu, but it is hard to use sometimes because of its stats. Also I think that a pre evo for Solrock and Lunatone that evolves when exposed to a special fragment(would have to be something newly discovered) would be neat and give a spurt of life to two pokemon that kinda never had any popularity.

That is my ideas what are yours? Please discuss and try to explain your reasoning.
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