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Originally Posted by jornoboy11 View Post
I wrote the part inside the 1st gym. Tell me what ou think of it

You’ll have to battle 2 trainers and the boss. TRAINER 1: ‘’Before you battle (name gym leader) you’ll have to prove you’re worth it.’’ Trainer 1 has a lvl 6 fakemon (water-type) and a lvl 6 wooper. TRAINER 2: ‘’I’ll teach you a lesson’’ Trainer 2 has a lvl 8 shellder. BOSS: ‘’Welcome to the Yan City gym. My name is Todd and I’m your first struggle on your way to succession. You won’t win this game for sure’’ Boss has a lvl 8 fakemon (the same as trainer 1) a lvl 10 Wooper and a lvl 11 Shellder. After you beat him. Boss: ‘’No that’s impossible. How can a starter trainer like you beat me. Well I think you deserved this. PLAYER obtained the bubble badge. I have something special for you too. PLAYER obtained TM3 Water Pulse. Boss: ‘’Water pulse is a strong water driven attack which can be learned by almost every water-typed pokemon. It releases a pulse of water with an enormous force and does directly damage to your opponent. When used the opponent pokemon may be confused.’’
That sounds really good, I like it. I'm going to PM munchhack so he can write up some Scripts for me that way they are ready for me to insert into the game. Going to insert Tiles for Cinza City tonight, then tomorrow hopefully I'll pm you(jornoboy) the IPS so you can map Cinza City. Sounds like a plan.