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    Pokemon Slate


    I started my 'career' with Pokemon modding and developing back four years now, when I first joined here. I was an aspiring hacker, who after two years of failed attempts, decided a change in medium may be best. I switched over to RMXP, and that's where we are today. This is my third attempt at a Pokemon game, but by far my best. I've grown and learned from my past failures, and as a result now know what it truly takes to make a game.

    I started developing Slate about a month ago, and have made pretty decent progress. I want to make this game stand out, and make people intrigued by it. To accomplish this, I took the route of custom where I felt I could handle by myself. So far the overworld base is custom made by me, as well as the majority of the indoor tiles. If I get help I plan on making all the tiles custom to completely make this game separate. But to do that I'll need help, which I'll get to later. For now, enjoy the thread.


    Cesro; a docile, peacful landmass in the northern hemisphere of the world. Here, humans and Pokemon live together harmoniously alongside each other, at times even coming to the others side for assistance. Pokemon battles are held for fun, but they're nothing serious. Because of this the trained Pokemon are not as strong as they would be in other regions with organized tournaments. This balance worked fine until one day, when a man tried to gain power over the land by trying to overthrow the Region's five leaders. He succeeded, but was quickly defeated by Legendary, who keeps watch over Cesro. Furious over his loss, the man retreats to an unknown place, and everything seems to be fine. A few days after the events unfolded, a small child is born in a small town in Cesro.

    Sixteen years have passed since the stir up that brought Legendary to Cesro to calm it down. No other problems have been reported, except the Pokemon do seem more tense than usual. The young child is now sixteen and ready to begin their studies in Pokemon behavior. As is customary to entering this field, you(The child) go to the local institution to receive your first Pokemon. You are escorted outside to the terrarium select your first Pokemon, but are interrupted by a disturbance. A group of men in dark clothing have broken onto the institution and are ransacking the place, using Pokemon as accomplices! Rather than have you be subjected to these uncharacteristically violent events the lead supervisor of the building tells you to take cover in your house. A few hours later, he comes in and explains that the men made off with a lot of valuable research. You turn the T.V. on, only to see it broadcasting a man dressed similarly to the assailants, talking about a resurrection of destiny. Understanding the severity of the situation, you set off to find out more about these people and what their destiny is. But something is strange as you begin to venture; Pokemon are unusually aggressive and begin attacking you! Enraged, you go to find your father, a lead scientist in the field of Pokemon behavior, to find out why the normally quiet beings are so vicious. He theorizes that they understand that Cesro is in turmoil, and that until it is settled they won't stop acting as they are now. With that being said, you officially take it upon yourself to thwart their plans, whatever they may be.

    Before setting off for good, a large shadow quickly flies over town, leaving everyone in a state of panic, fearing another attack. Looking up, you catch a glance of a Pokemon, but not enough to identify it. The supervisor mentions something about past, and then goes in to grab anything that remains in the rubble. Is it the Pokemon of legend, the protector of Cesro? No one knows for sure, but if it is, then that can only mean one thing. Something catastrophic is on the verge of happening, And you need to help prevent it. History is said to repeat itself when people fail to learn from previous errors, it's time to see if Cesro learned anything from the events that unfolded sixteen years ago.


    -A lush region full of life
    -No dull redundant Gym battles- instead there's a new alternative
    -Vivid involved storyline that will keep you coming back to play
    -Unique starters
    Speaking of which

    The Starters

    These are the official starters for Pokemon Slate. Why you may ask? I like both Pokemon, and these sprites are special(and scratch sprited by me). I'll reveal why in the next update, so for now you can look at them and try to speculate what's different and why.


    The Team

    Currently I'm the only one. If you're interested in helping, send me a private message with what you can do and proof of your work.



    hi my name is animegirl3000 i have never made a hack but im good with ideas for you to make an perfect hack