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Manga 508
This awesome fight is almost distracting me from the problems with this arc so far. ;p

I almost feel sorry for Juhabach...
Head-Captain Helios deflects any attack Juhabach throws at him.

Ooh~ a new Quincy spell!
I don't think he used a Ginto.
Juhabach called it a kirchenlied; manga says it means "holy hymn", Google says "church song".
It's not on the Bleach wiki yet.
I really hope we get to see some more kirchenlied spells.
I hate how fast Kubo is going with the pace of this arc. :/

Another new technique, this time for Yamamoto's bankai,; Zanka no tachi, South.
And this one summons burnt skeleton soldiers!
So now Yamamoto has necromancer powers. xD
Can't wait to see them in action.

I wonder which is stronger, Yamamoto's skeleton soldiers or Starrk's Soul Wolves...

Originally Posted by Pokestick, good times.
So not only does yamamoto's sword destroy everything it touches, a flame cloak of a massive 15 000 000 °C that makes him intouchable and with a huuuuuge constant AoE damage over time, but he can ALSO summon an army of, according to the ability's name, 10 000 000 000 000 undead of the people he have killed himself. And he still has an ability left.

Would've been great if he had used this against Aizen though.
I'm waiting until the Bleach wiki finishes translating the full name of his South technique, just for confirmation.

I know right? Why the hell didn't Yamamoto use even one of his bankai techniques against Aizen?
Is it because Aizen was a former Captain Soul Reaper?
Aizen seems like just as much of a threat, if not more, than Juhabach.
It's really leaving me disappointed in Kubo...

Originally Posted by AshleyKetchum
Thought it may be useful for Bleach fans to know if they own a PS3 they will be airing the series plus the movies on a 24/7 anime channel called Neon anime only for PS3 users. (I know most watch anime online but if anyone is like me and hate doing that just thought they would like to know.)
Wait, you can watch TV through the PS3? o.0

Originally Posted by Pokestick, good times.
Anyway, how many chapters until Yamamoto
dies and Ichigo comes back to see Soul Society in despair?
Please no....If Kubo somehow kills off Yamamoto now, other than as a result of using his bankai (and only after killing Juhabach), I'm going to be even more pissed off.