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1. Ash is pretty arrogant in Kanto like when he showed off that he had Boulder & Cascade Badges to AJ then when he was in Johto he was quite arrogant against Casey by using Charizard. The anime and the manga though have different ways of doing things, Red character progresses and developed as does Ash to an extent. But unlike Red, Ash character seems to digress as he pulled the same stunt with Pidgey as he did with a Deerling.

2. And Red in the game had no Pokemon to begin with either, and they are both counterparts of each other.

4. I believe the last mention of them was when they faced Samurai, so who knows what happened to them.

I could say that Ash and Red have nearly the same attire as did Gary and Blue did so that is just as much as a coincide.

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