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    Originally Posted by PhantomTwilight View Post
    ^ agree.

    Who dares edit a pokemon wiki to wrong information? I don't even think people would bother to even try because:

    1. you need an account to edit.

    2. Your edit has to be reviewed, so it cant be anything stupid like "pikachu is a legendary pokemon."

    Catch my drift?
    Not wrong but the views on a wikia do not make said wikia information 100% cannon since the view held by said wiki or person editing it is held by a groups subjective opinion. It is analogous to the many vs wikia on the internet which all have differing views on a character, strength, speed and durability. On many wikia also the even state that not all the information listed may be accurate.

    Just as Ash and Gary are loosely based on red and blue from the game. The two other trainers from Palet seem to be Red and Blue from the manga, who are much closer to their game counterparts.