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Originally Posted by KingofCarnage18 View Post
Guys JSYK, it was meant to be a funny thing. Im aware most of us aren't like that. Trust me. Stop being angry. No harm meant. Also Kenshin thank you, Im thinking of becoming a writer. Not sure yet tho
If it helps, I thought your thread was funny. 8) I laughed when I read it but I didn't have time to reply haha. I could tell you were mostly joking around.

To put a serious spin on the topic though I think Pokemon in specific has the potential to make us more social, as far as video games go. Granted, in modern gaming a heck of a lot of it is online multiplayer, but it wasn't always that way. Pokemon was one of the first games to encourage us to play together to finish (aka, trading with each other in order to complete our Pokedex.)

Back when Red/Blue came out, that was like, the coolest thing ever. I remember thinking it was awesome that I could get Pokemon that my friends couldn't, and vice versa. I think I even probably made friends because of it. Back in the day before Game Boys were banned I remember stopping people and being like "HEY are you playing Pokemon??" and then we'd end up playing together during recess. 8)
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