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Icarus Uprising

This princess was teasing Pit, & it was only making him blush harder. Still, he kept looking down in embarressment, to shy to say anything. But did she just call Hikari Densetsu a powderpuff? No! She looks more like an angel, or an innocent flower, or...a princess?

Hikari Densetsu was steemed at this princess, but she had already left with that little girl. Pit hoped for the best for that girl being taken care of. If only she had stayed with Hikari. More blushing!

Hikari Densetsu apologized to Pit for the princess's antics. Pit looked up a little & chuckled lightly. "It's fine..." he replied. Ichigo watched as the Zapdos went out of view. Glad he didn't battle. He would've lost for sure, or worse.

Hikari Densetsu thanked Pit for his help earlier, he just nodded. Suck it up, she's a princess, every boy wants the princess! I sure love teasing Pit myself~ She asked if she would see Pit in the forest tomorrow. Pit hoped both that he would & he wouldn't. He's hopeless... "I'll be out in the forest like everyday..." he hasn't talked this much. Maybe Hikari Densetsu is changing him. Or he's just full of himself.

Pit tapped his foot on the floor, silence surrounding the festival. Everyone was leaving, so it was time to call it a day. He shyly waved good-bye at Hikari Densetsu, a shy smile, taking a few steps back before hitting a stool. He chuckled slightly, put it back into place & ran off. That was embaressing! Ichigo followed, relieved he wouldn't fight Zapdos. Maybe beating someone decent enough would help, but it's not in him.

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