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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
BUT WHAT ABOUT IT'S HUGE CREEPY BEARD ;; I do love Articuno's design, but I feel the beard really ruins it. I don't have a clue why they thought to include that, but it really isn't flattering for the poor bird xD
i don't think it is a beard

Originally Posted by Psystar63 View Post
I'd like to sign up too!!!!

Name: Psystar63
W-what do you want from me!?: A CasteliaCone, because I love having ice cream during the winter. That's how much I love Ice Pokemon!
My buddy Cubchoo, I'll call you Sniffles
Answer the current topic!:
What was your first Ice-type Pokemon???

I think it was maybe a Swinub or a Sneasel. This was way back in Gold when I was like 7, so I can't remember too well. I used Sneasel on my Gold team because I was trying to include as many Dark types on my team as possible. Plus, since it was second Gen, Dark and Ice was a pretty unique combination. Though I tend to avoid it now because of Fighting types and Mach punch.
welcome to the club,star!!
cute pokemon choice btw <3 <3

What was your first Ice-type Pokemon???

i think it was Dewgong or lapras in Red i don't remember