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Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
Username: Pinkish Purple
Skill: A little Tiles, some Scripting and maybe an OW Spriter
Hacking experience: I think around 7-8 month.
Proof: I only have the image of an OW I sprited so here it is.

(Click on it)
And something I have been playing with:

And maybe I could be a Beta Tester XD
I would be happy to have you as a co-beta tester & an occasional OW spriter, do you accept?

Notice to all: Our member, Atif wishes to remake his hack Pokemon: Unknown Mysteries to be remade & is facing a problem, he can't decide what ROM to use as a base.

So, I added a poll for all of you to vote which should be the ROM base. We will all work with Atif on the ROM everyone decided. Once done, it shall be displayed here & will be one of our 'products'. The poll will last for 100 days starting from 21st September 2012.

Thanks for reading & have fun.

~Mid, Leader of Team Glacier