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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
My first ice type I cared about for its type is Cryognal. I used it to defeat the Dragon type gym, because Haxorus was killing my team very badly.
Oo interesting, how was Cryogonal to use? It's something I've never really considered using based on it's appearance so I'd love to know if it's any good/worth using :3

Originally Posted by Psystar63 View Post
I agree. It's not a beard, otherwise it'd be located closer to Articuno's beak. It's just chest plumage.
Okay yeah I've gone back and looked at Aricuno's sprites and I admit, I have no idea where the beard thing came from lmao. It looks nothing like a beard at all xD I seem to remember in one generation (I think HG?) Articuno looked incredibly old and therefore I assumed it was a beard, but maybe I'm just going crazy haha. But after reviewing it's sprites, I take back what I said and I agree that it's an incredibly well designed Pokémon! It's so beautiful and elegant and looks like it has huge power :3 Welcome to the club btw n.n