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Sounds fun, here's mine:

Name: Grizzly
Type: Psychic
Pokemon: Espeon Lvl 48 Gardevoir lvl 48 Reuniclus lvl 50, the 8th leader
Badge: Strategic Badge. Also comes with Psychic TM(if there is...)
Gym Layout: It's totally based on cards. You get a tutorial with Grizzly speaking. You start with a room that has 3 cards, and they are moved by Grizzly's psychic power. You'll try to find your way to Grizzly's place. There will be 7 trainers, 1 can be avoided very easily, 2 are optional, 2 are inevitable, and 2 change a direction of a card.

About Grizzly: Grizzly, since childhood, was already brainy. He joined many contests and activities involving strategies, and he never lost a single one. His town was very proud of him. Some time later, he became a gym leader. It was quite hard for him, he took many responsibilites, and the challengers he faced are no joke. Determined to make his gym much more than piece of cake, he redesigned his gym into a magnificent house. He is then to become a champion, much like Iris, and a Grass type leader replaces him.

I have my own world XD.